Thank you for expressing interest for Connie Johnston’s Russell Trivia group to assist you in hosting a fundraiser to benefit our wonderful community. 


Under Connie’s leadership, we have prepared the following guidelines to help ensure the success of your event. The purpose of these guidelines is to set expectations for what we can do to help you and to clearly present what will be required of your group / organization in return.


If all of these expectations, set forth below, are accepted and met we can promise that your evening of trivia will be a success!

  1. Provide us with 2 or 3 possible dates that you would like to host your event. We will work, on your behalf, with our partners at Russell Township to secure a date that works for everyone. 

  2. Upon agreeing to move forward with the trivia event, we will require a signed contract along with a $200 non-refundable deposit. Cheques can be made payable to “Russell Trivia Services”. The remaining $100 will be payable the night of the event. (Breakdown of the $300: $150 required in advance to purchase the Special Occasion Permit and $150 to help cover costs Russell Trivia incur such as bank fees, office supplies, etc.)

  3. We expect your FULL participation at the trivia. The two most important ways that you can help are to volunteer by organizing the event or by participating in the trivia itself.

  4. You are responsible for the set up and tear down of your event. Your volunteers should arrive around 4 pm to begin set up. Those staying to clean up afterwards can expect to be home between midnight and 1 am. Perhaps earlier. 

  5. We host our Trivia Nights on the second floor of the Russell Arena. The space can accommodate up to 30 trivia teams. The cost to play is $10 per person (teams of 6). One week prior to your event, you should have at least 15 teams registered to play; otherwise, the event may have to be cancelled. We will assist with advertising your event – ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure that we have a full house.

  6. If money has not been collected for entrance in advance, participants are asked to take a seat and a representative of your committee will go to the tables and collect.

  7. Once things get started, Connie will ask 100 trivia questions. Every 10th question is a music trivia question organized by Russell Trivia Services. Music trivia costs $2 to play (x 10 questions) so encourage each team to come with 10 toonies to play. You will provide a variety of prizes for each winner to take back and share with their table.  (A suggestion would be a variety of chocolate keeping in mind that there are usually 6 at each table.) 

  8. Boston Pizza in Embrun has generously agreed to sponsor the prizes for the winning trivia team of 6 so that will be provided to you as well. 

  9. You are required to host a silent auction.  (If you wish to increase your profit for the evening, a live auction can also be held. Billy Cashman is our Trivia Auctioneer and he will help increase bids on all of your live auction items.) 

  10. Talk to us about the possibility of having a gift certificate tree which generates additional income for the evening. 

  11. While you are responsible for soliciting 100% of the items collected to raise money at the event, we are here to help keep you organized and focused on your guests. All monies collected, including pre-registration money collected prior to the event, is to be turned over to Paul and Larissa, our Trivia Bankers.  

  12. For everyone’s convenience, we can accept cash payment, credit card or debit card TAP (max $100 for debit tap). Cheques can be made payable to RUSSELL TRIVIA

  13. There is a 3% processing fee for all non-cash transactions. This fee is charged by the payment gateway processor NOT Russell Trivia.  

  14. We require a numeric listing of all of your silent and live auction items 3 days prior to your event. Please list them using numbers only not letters. We transfer your list to a spreadsheet which helps us sort people / auction items numerically - this makes the cash out at the end of the night go much faster and smoother. PLEASE E-MAIL YOUR PRIZE LIST TO RUSSELL TRIVIA THREE DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT! 

  15. As Boston Pizza, Embrun and Home Hardware Russell/Embrun are major sponsors of our events, please refrain from approaching them for donations.

  16. As a sign of appreciation for your sponsors, we require a booklet listing each of them along with their donation for everyone to see. People like to feel appreciated and there is always the possibility that they will be at your event. We cannot stress the importance of this booklet. Please list Boston Pizza, Embrun and Home Hardware - Russell/Embrun as major sponsors in your booklet. 

  17. During set up, make sure that each item is clearly numbered (and laid out on the bidding tables in numerical order). The corresponding number should be clearly displayed in the top right-hand corner of the bid sheets. We recommend using a bright red or royal blue marker to prevent confusion amongst the bidders. The more obvious the better.

  18. Bar services will be made available for the evening. 

  19. Where there is alcohol, there is a requirement for food. Please plan how you would like to handle this requirement well in advance. Please note that bags of chips, chocolate bars, bags of peanuts, etc. do not meet the LCBO requirements.  Put someone who is responsible, organized and reliable in charge. It can make or break an event. There is a kitchen in the hall with a fridge, stove and prep area. We invite you to go have a look at the space. Staff at the arena can let you in.

  20. Trivia Nights are geared towards an adult audience. There is alcohol consumption taking place and, for manPlease list Boston Pizza, Embrun and Home Hardware - Russell/Embrun as major sponsors in your booklet.y participants, this is a night out and they are paying for a babysitter. Children are discouraged from attending. Exceptions can be made for young adults who are helping with the event and accompanied by their parents. 

  21. Very soon after the last live auction item is won, the Trivia Bankers will have your total raised that evening ready to announce. Within 48 hours of the event, we will send you a summary that will clearly explain where each dollar was raised.

  22. To allow time for credit card processing and all personal cheques to clear our bank account, we will present your organization with a cheque for your event within 30 days of the event taking place.